Tiziano Ferro

Tiziano Ferro was born on the 21st of February 1980. His mother was a housewife and his father a building surveyor. His family originated from Veneto in the region of Agro Pontino, Italy.
From an early age, Tiziano demonstrated a love and talent for music. When he was just five years old he had his first encounter with music when he received a keyboard for Christmas. He subsequently began writing, composing and recording his own songs on a very basic recorder. Two of the songs are featured at the end of his album Nessuno E’ Solo (No One Is Alone) and were written when he was just six years old.
Tiziano was a shy teenager predominantly due to a struggle with his weight and a battle with bulimia. He found therapy in music and quickly began taking private guitar, vocal, piano and drum lessons.
In 1996, at the age of sixteen, he joined the Gospel Choir of Latina where he discovered a love for American music.
In 1996-1997 he participated in a long distance learning course in motion-picture voice-over and started to work with local radio stations as a presenter. The same year he took part in the TV show Caccia alla frase on Italia1, where ironically the host Peppe Quintale eliminated him from the show after the performance of one song, mocking Tiziano’s chances of becoming a professional singer.
However, Tiziano did not accept defeat and in 1997 he enrolled in the Accademia della Canzone di Sanremo (the academy of the Sanremo Music Festival) with the intention of participating in the next Sanremo Music Festival. However, he was rejected early in the selection process. In 1998 he tried again with the song Quando Ritornerai (When You Will Return) which is now considered his first official song. He was one of 12 finalists but once again missed the final three.  With much determination, that same year, Tiziano recorded the track Sulla Mia Pelle (On My Skin) together with a group called A.T.P.C. for the album Anima e Corpo (Soul And Body).
After passing his state exams at the scientific High School Ettore Maiorana Latina, with an exceptional mark of 55/60, Tiziano spent the summer touring with Sottotona as a chorister. However, his future as a professional singer remained uncertain and on his return, he enrolled at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome to study Engineering. Soon after joining, he switched to a course in Communication Science.
In 2000 Tiziano wrote the lyrics to Angelo Mio, the Italian version of the song Angel of Mine by Monica.

After several rejections from record labels, Tiziano finally won the chance to perform at the Sanremo Festival for the second time, where he met producers Alberto Salerno and Mara Maionchi who would later sign him to EMI.
On October 26th 2001, Tiziano’s first album Rosso Relativo was released. That same summer the debut single Xdono topped the charts and became a summer hit. Despite critics claiming that Tiziano was a bid to appeal to young female fans, noting in particular his charm and good looks, many younger audiences seemed to appreciate the originality of his song writing style. His meaningful lyrics about teenage struggles with self esteem cited in songs such as Mai Nata and L’Olimpiade combined with R&B sounds and overseas pop appealed on a much deeper level. Many fans now regard him as one of the greatest Italian singer song writers of all time
In the summer of 2002, Tiziano started his first Rosso Relativo tour.
While Italian radios broadcast the third single Imbranato, Tiziano recorded a Spanish verison of Xdono, followed by a version in English, French and Portuguese. The track charted at No.3 in Europe and Tiziano became the first European singer in the charts of that year, beaten only by Eminem and Shakira.
In the summer of 2002, Tiziano Ferro was awarded the “Best Upcoming artist” at the Festivalbar and the following year was nominated for a Latin Grammy. He was the only Italian candidate at the Grammy’s that year.
In 2002 he sung a duet with Elisa during the Natale in Vaticano and performed the song Happy Xmas (War Is Over) by John Lennon. That same year he appeared in one episode in the third season of Paso Adelante where he sung Rojo Relativo.

On November 7th 2003 Tiziano’s autobiographic album 111 was published – 111 being the heaviest Tiziano weighed as a teenager. It sold over a million copies.
As well as the success of 111, the single Xverso, was also a surprising hit and remained at the top of the Italian charts for 14 months. Numerous singles were taken from the album, including Sere Nere(the soundtrack of the cult film Tre Metri Sopra Il Cielo) and Non Me Lo So Spiegare obtained great success during the spring of 2004 followed by Ti Voglio Bene in September.
The release of the album also marked an important point in Tiziano’s career. He decided to move to Mexico and enrolled in university to study for a Bachelors degree in Interpreting and Translation. This was an admirable challenge considering Tiziano’s schedule commitments at the time.
That summer Tiziano was busy with his tour - 111% that saw stadium sell outs across Italy.
In 2003 he recorded the track Latido Urbano with Tony Aguilar and friends which was included in Tony Aguilar’s album.
In 2003 Tiziano also wrote the following songs:
* Entro Il 23 for the album Illogico.
* Dove Il Mondo Racconta Segreti for Michele Zarrillo, included in the album Liberosentire.
* A Chi Mi Dice for the band Blue included in the album Guilty.
* Dime Tu for Myriam Montemayor included in the album Una Mujer.
In 2004 Tiziano did a duet with Jamelia on the song Universal Prayer which was included in the album Thank You and on the compilation Unity: Athens 2004 which was the official hymn of the Athens Olympic Games. He also dubbed the character of Oscar in the Dreamworks cartoon Shark Tale (released in February 2005).
After a hectic world schedule and the completion of his studies in Mexico, Tiziano decided to move again and in the autumn of 2005 he settled in London. This was an attempt to lead a reasonably normal life and he absorbed himself in everyday tasks and other past times he had not yet had time to do.   
In the same year Tiziano did a duet with Liah in the song Sere Nere / Tardes Negras which was included in the album Pedras E Ganhos.
In 2005 he also wrote E Va Bè for Syria, included in the album Non E’ Peccato.

In 2006 the single Stop! Dimentica was released and immediately reached the top of the charts. June 23rd 2006 marked Tiziano’s return to the music scene with the release of his album Nessuno E’ Solo. The album was also published in Spanish Nadia Está Solo and immediately charted at No.1 in Italy. It was number 1 for a month dominating the summer charts that year.
Nessuno E’ Solo was released in 44 countries entering the European and South American charts. The second single Ed Ero Contentissimo was also a success and was accompanied by a video recorded in Barcelona.
The album remained in the Top 5 for 6 months and was the highest selling album by a male Italian artist of 2006. It also remained at number 4 in the general charts. On the 1st December 2007, Nessuno E’ Solo reached Diamond status and remained in the top 20 until March 2008.
The album included the duet Baciano Le Donnewith Biagio Antonacci in the Italian version and in the Spanish version a duet with Pepe Aguilar for Mi Credo .
Tiziano also participated in the 2006 Sanremo Music Festival as a guest star on the duet L'Alfabeto Degli Amanti with Michele Zarrillo.
In 2006 he also sung Pensieri Al Tramonto with Luca Carboni for the album Le Band Si Sciolgono.
That same year he did a duet with Laura Pausini for the song Non Me Lo So Spiegare / No Me Lo Puedo Explicar included in her album Io Canto. He then performed with Laura Pausini at her concert in San Siro stadium on the 2nd of June 2007.
He also supported Avis in 2007 when he personally donated blood at the municipality section of Latina.
In January he began his Nessuno E’ Solo Tour 2007 in Anconaand toured various Italian cities. He performed duets with several international artists including Laura Pausini, Raffaella Carrà with the song Rumore and Biagio Antonacci. During the three concerts held in the capital he sung Latina which he dedicated to his native city.
Tiziano also participated in the Sanremo Music Festival 2007 as a special guest where he performed his third single Ti Scatterò Una Foto which was also the soundtrack for the film Ho Voglia Di Te.

Partly due to the success of the film as well as for the lyrics Ti Scatterò Una Foto was a huge success taking Nessuno E’ Solo to number 5 in the album charts ten months after its initial release. Four months after the single was still dominating the charts.  
Following the success of the third single, the single E Raffaella E’ Mia was released and became a successful summer song dedicated to the famous Italian TV host Raffaella Carrà.
The fifth and last single taken from the album was E Fuori E’ Buio - a ballad combined with a video recorded at Como and Milan by Cosimo Alemà.
On 27th May 2007, Time Out by Max Pezzali was released with guest vocals by Tiziano Freeo for the song Time Out.
On July 20th 2007 Tiziano played a gig in Latina which marked the opening of the second part of Nessuno E’ Solo Tour 2007, after a successful winter.
During the Nessuno E’ Solo Tour 2007 Tiziano performed songs from the album Forever Cool in honor of Dean Martin. He was the only Italian artist featured on the album which also included vocals from Robbie Williams, Joss Stone and many others. In Forever Cool he duets with Dean Martin in a virtual setting on the famous notes of Arrivederci Roma.
September 15th 2007 marked the tenth birthday of MTV Italia. Together with many other artists, Tiziano performed to an audience of 100,000 for the MTV Day 2007 in Milan. He sung Stop! Dimentica, E Fuori E’ Buio, Ti Scatterò Una Foto, E Raffaella E’ Mia and a cover of Franco Battiato’s song Centro Di Gravità Permanente.
He also achieved another milestone in his career when he sung a duet with Mina in Cuestion De Feeling, a song in Spanish which was played on the radio on September 21st 2007 and was included in the album of Mina Todavia.
In 2007 Tiziano wrote Amaro Amarti for Iva Zanicchiincluded in the album Colori D’amore.
In the summer of 2008hewrote the song Non Ti Scordar Mai Di Me with Roberto Casalino for the debut of Giusy Ferreri, second runner up in the musical reality show of Rai2 X Factor. The song reached No.1 in all singles charts (iTunes, Musica & Dischi, FIMI).
The same year 2008Tiziano sung a duet with Linea 77 on the song Sogni Risplendono included in the album Horror Vacui.


ALLA MIA ETÀmarked its radio debut on the 3rd of October 2008, topping the iTunes chart and two weeks later the sales charts. The single preceded the release of the album Alla Mia Età.
In 2008 Tiziano sung a duet with Fiorella Mannoia, Il Re Di Chi Ama Troppo which was included in the album Il Movimento Del Dare.
The 7th of November 2008 marked the release of his fourth album Alla Mia Etàin 42 countriesand in two versions - one Italian and one in Spanish, A Mi Edad.
Alla Mia Etàis a 13 track albumand includes collaborations with Laura Pausini, writer of the song La Paura Non Esiste; Ivano Fossati who co-writes the song Indietro with Tiziano; a duet with Franco Battiato, Il Tempo Stesso and a duet with Kelly Rowland Breathe Gentle.
The Spanish version of the album, A Mi Edad, contains the duet with Amaia Montero, El Regalo Mas Grande, which is the Spanish version of Il Regalo Più Grande.
On November 14th 2008 Giusy Ferreri released her album Gaetana in collaboration with Tiziano Ferro. Tiziano wrote Aria Di Vita and L’Amore E Basta! which he sings in duet with Giusy Ferreri. He also co-wrote the songs Non Ti Scordar Mai Di Me, Nunca Te Olvides De Mi, Stai Fermo Lì and Passione Positiva together with Roberto Casalino and the song Il Sapore Di Un Altro No with Sergio Cammariere.
On the 21st of December 2008 Tiziano was a guest on the TV show Domenica, hosted by Pippo Baudo where he showcased his new album Alla Mia Età and sung the tracks Il Regalo Più Grande and Alla Mia Età.
Alla Mia Età charted at number 9 in the top album and single charts in 2008 for 7 weeks and was 4 times Platinum. On the 9th of January 2009 the new single Il Regalo Più Grande was released.
On the 11th of January 2009, Tiziano sung Le Passanti in honor of the tenth anniversary of the death of Fabrizio De André during the TV show Che Tempo Che Fa.
The Alla Mia Età Tour 2009 began on the 18th of April 2009 and started from Rimini and included important concerts on June 24th and 25th at the Stadio Olimpico of Rome.
On April 21st Tiziano recorded the Domani 21-04-04 in collaboration with some of the greatest Italian artists to help raise funds for the people of Abruzzo affected by a terrible earthquake.
In September the tour started in North America while in the meantime preparations for the DVD “Alla Mia Età Live In Rome” began.
On the 20th of November 2009, a year from the release of “Alla Mia Età”, the DVD that celebrates the double dates at the Stadio Olimpico, “Tiziano Ferro Alla Mia Età Live in Rome” debuts at No.1 in the charts and obtains platinum status in just one week of sales.
Despite its release in 2008 Alla Mia Età became the best selling album of 2009 in Italy. The first 4 singles of the album reached No.1 in the airplay charts.
After months of concerts in Italy and across the rest of the world, Tiziano took some time off. In January 2010 he was approached by Mary J. Blige to collaborate on the single “Each Tear which was released on her new album.

During 2010 Tiziano decided to publish his diaries “Trent’anni e una chiacchierata con papa” (Kowalski - 20th of October). The book documents Tiziano’s life with particular focus on the period between November 1995 and October 2010 where he describes his artistic development and the journey that took him from an unknown chorister in a Latin choir to one of the most appreciated artists in Italy and across the rest of the world.
The book shows his development as an artist and his quest for happiness and self acceptance, which is in part owing to his dedicated fans, the people that he meets on his travels, his studies, fellow collaborators and of course his own written work and production. It is only now in his thirties that he admits self acceptance and has opened up to his family.

Inspired by his life experiences Tiziano does not ever stop writing. Two years after the release of the DVD and three years after the release of his last album, his new single “La Differenza Tra Me E Te” was released on the 14th October. In just a few days it reached No.1 on the radio and digital charts.
The song preceded the release of Tiziano’s new album “L’Amore E’ Una Cosa Semplicewhichwas released on the 28th of November. This is the fifth album by the Latina artist who after only 10 years and 4 albums has conquered the music world with his unique style and sound, becoming a recognizable name in the international pop scene.
The album which includes an important collaboration with the American artist John Legend was the first time that Tiziano has recorded beyond Italian borders. The recording sessions took place at the legendary Henson Studios in Los Angeles where Tiziano collaborated with world-renowned musicians including the guitarist Mike Laundau, the drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, and the bass player Reggie Hamilton.
All the songs (both those by Tiziano and those by written for Tiziano by Irene Grandi and Nesli) depict who  Tiziano is today at 31 and at the beginning of a new phase in his life.
All the 7 singles taken from the album reached the top of the charts (radio and digital) and the video La differenza tra me e te has been certified by VEVO as the most viewed Italian video in the the world.
The album “L’amore è una cosa semplice” is 8 Platinum Awards in Italy.



In November 2014 the first collection of Tiziano Ferro is released.
Nor a mere anthology of songs, nor a collection of hits: TZN - THE BEST OF TIZIANO FERRO is the story of Tiziano Ferro, or rather one of the possible ways to tell it.
The song book is the story of a person who writes songs, about his relationship with music, his relationship with the listener; so basically it is a story that belongs to many, to anyone who has lived it and shared it in these 17 years.
A little less than a year after its release the best of, which has been in the Top Ten album chart, won the 6 platinum. The success of the best of is also reflected in live events: The 2015 stadiums tour is the revelation tour of 2015 with 8 events in 6 stadiums and more than 320,000 people. At the end of 2015 TZN - The Best of Tiziano Ferro Stadio Tour 2015 Edition is released and Tiziano achieves the 7th Platinum Record for the more than 350,000 sold copies.



Announced last year during the last date of an extraordinary tour, IL MESTIERE DELLA VITA the highly anticipated 6th studio album of Tiziano Ferro will be available from December 2nd in stores and digitally.
Los Angeles has become the breeding ground of his productions and his co-workers are the usual ones: a partnership tested by great artists who make great music. In this album there is a significant return to the electronics that does take a bit of space away from musicians, but enriches it with ultra modern sounds and, in a sense, close to the spirit of the productions of Tiziano at the beginning of his career. Great space to the lyrics, the voice, the centrality of the lyrics and melodies and a very modern and cutting-edge production make this album a 2016 album. The project was anticipated by the single Potremmo Ritornare, a breathtaking ballad, that flew straight to the top of the charts. The album will be followed, in June and July 2017, by the tour in stadiums: Tiziano Ferro Tour 2017